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These people made their dream bikes a reality with our help! Read what they have said about us!

Robert C. Mouser

I am very thankful to Cycle Bike Loans for their great service. Due to their expert advice, I obtained a great bike loan and now own the bike of my dreams.

Derek M. Taylor

I had been struggling for quite a while trying to save up the money that I needed to purchase my first bike; however, with the assistance and guidance of Cycle Bike Loans, I obtained a good bike loan and am now enjoying the fruits of my hard labor.

Matthew N. Cox

Choosing the right bike loan provider was very difficult for me. I did not know what to focus on and what to use as the basis for my decision. This website helped me to compare the important aspects of the different bike loan providers and helped me to make the right choice.

About Cycle Bike Loans

Interested in purchasing your first bike or your next bike but do not have sufficient funds? Have you been rejected by those you approached for a bike loan? You have a shocking credit history that makes it almost impossible for you to get a bike loan? Then you have come to the right place.

Cycle Bike Loans is definitely the place to help you get that bike that your heart is set upon. We will not disappoint you! Here at Cycle Bike Loans, you will definitely be able to obtain a bike loan to turn your dream bike into reality. We are one of the leading providers of all types of bike loans throughout the United Kingdom and have the knowledge and expertise required to help you make the right bike loan choice. 

Benefits of our bike loans

You will be able to buy the bike of your choice

We offer great rates

Your application will be approved very quickly online

We offer bike loans which suit all circumstances

We offer personal and one-on-one advice to help you make the right decision

The application and approval process is very simple

How the application and approval process works

Online Application

We have a simple application form on our website. All you need to do is take a few minutes and fill in that form and submit it providing us with the details of the loan such as the amount that you would like to borrow.


Once we receive your form, we will review it and the submitted information and if necessary, one of our experts will contact you for additional information and will answer any questions you may have regarding the process.


Once we have obtained and assessed all required information and your individual circumstances, we will offer you the bike loan that best meet your needs, including interest rates and monthly repayment options. 

Choose your bike

Once your application has been approved, you can proceed to purchasing the bike of your dreams. You can purchase the bike of your dreams from any reputable dealership in the United Kingdom.

Drive away with your bike

You do not need to worry about any paperwork. We will take care of that and make sure that the process is dealt with smoothly and promptly allowing you to then drive away with your bike without a worry.

Things to consider when applying for a bike loan

Your credit history – This will definitely affect the interest rate of the loan as those with bad credit history are charged higher rates than those with good credit history.

Your budget – It is important that you know beforehand how much you can afford to pay back on a monthly basis. It does not make any sense taking a loan and not being able to make the monthly payments.

Common Mistakes – Know what the common mistakes are that most people make when apply for bike loans and know how to avoid them so that you do not end up making them too. Common mistakes include: not asking                 enough questions about the terms and conditions of the loan and borrowing more than you can afford.